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The Hidden Monopolies That Raise Drug Prices

How pharmacy benefit managers morphed from processors to predators Rob Frankil of Sellersville, Pennsylvania, followed his father into the family business after college. “My entire life,” he said, “I’ve been involved with managing and owning independent pharmacies.” He now owns two stores, a traditional community pharmacy and another that caters to long-term care facilities. Like [...]

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Drug Benefit Managers Need More Oversight, Pharmacists Say

Middlemen who manage drug benefits for employers and insurers should be under greater government oversight of their pricing and billing practices to make health care cheaper, an independent pharmacists’ group said. President Donald Trump’s plans to lower prescription drug costs will only succeed if greater transparency is imposed on pharmacy benefit managers, the group said [...]

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PBM Storybook: The Real Story on PBMs

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) say they reduce drug prices and increase patient access, but the facts just don't bear that out. A new NCPA resource—The PBM Story: What They Say, What They Do, and What Can Be Done About It—tells the real story of how PBMs got their start as useful claims processors but then [...]

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COA Whitepaper: PBM Horror Stories

A new white paper released today by the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) and the Community Oncology Pharmacy Association (COPA) exposes the negative impact pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have on the care cancer patients receive. Compiling real stories of cancer patients and physicians, the white paper “Delay, Waste, and Cancer Treatment Obstacles: The Real-Life Patient Impact [...]

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New Brief Highlights The Economic Costs Of Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Exploring a tool that millions of Americans use every day when paying for prescription drugs, the Pacific Research Institute today released a new research brief exploring how Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) impact prescription drug costs, access, and patient care. “Pharmacy Benefit Managers impact more than 260 million Americans when they purchase their prescription drugs, but [...]

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Pharmacy Benefit Managers Improperly Reinterpret Medicare Rules for Financial Gain

A new White Paper from the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) looks at recent moves by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to increase corporate profits by declaring all physician dispensing to be out-of-network. Prepared for COA by attorneys at the law firm, Frier Levitt, LLC, the White Paper “Pharmacy Benefit Managers’ Attack on Physician Dispensing and Impact [...]

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Investigative White Paper on Background, Cost Impact, and Legal Issues Relating to DIR Fees

A new White Paper by the law firm of Frier Levitt, LLC examines the ongoing practice by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to increase corporate profits through murky “direct and indirect remuneration” fees—commonly known as “DIR Fees”—charged to community oncology practices, as well as retail and specialty pharmacies (“Pharmacy Providers”). DIR Fees, which have no basis [...]

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