Patient Denied Meds Due to Technical Glitch

Carl, battling prostate cancer, was prescribed an oral chemotherapy drug to help control his disease. Under his insurance plan, however, the co-pay costs for the medication came to over $4,000 per order. Carl simply could not aff ord to pay such an exorbitant amount. Fortunately, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the drug has a co-pay [...]

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Life-Saving Treatment Postponed

Barbara, who was battling brain cancer, was prescribed two drugs: one a form of chemotherapy and the other an antiemetic that would alleviate the symptoms of nausea caused by the chemo. Both were to be taken in conjunction with the radiation treatments scheduled to begin six days later. At Barbara’s clinic, well aware of the [...]

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Medication Delayed 6 Weeks Due to PBM Specialty Pharmacy Indifference

Carol was battling metastatic colon cancer. Unable to receive the same chemotherapy Carol had been treated with initially, her oncologist prescribed a medication to help stop the cancer from spreading any further. Her physician sent all documentation necessary to the specialty pharmacy mandated by Carol’s PBM. One week later, when Carol’s oncologist phoned the PBM [...]

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Treatment Delayed Due to Pharmacy Restrictions

Bill was prescribed an oral medication that works to prevent his cancer cells from replicating, thus reducing the growth and spread of the disease. His oncologist faxed the prescription to the specialty pharmacy indicated by Bill’s PBM. Unfortunately, this particular pharmacy does not carry the medication prescribed, and so they forwarded the script to another [...]

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An Avoidable Death?

Derek, a young husband, was diagnosed with advanced melanoma with brain metastases. Prognosis was grim, yet a ray of light appeared in the form of a new drug prescribed by his doctor. Proven to have the potential of signifi cantly extending life, the drug off ered Derek and his wife real hope. Located in his [...]

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