Drug Benefit Managers Need More Oversight, Pharmacists Say

Middlemen who manage drug benefits for employers and insurers should be under greater government oversight of their pricing and billing practices to make health care cheaper, an independent pharmacists’ group said. President Donald Trump’s plans to lower prescription drug costs will only succeed if greater transparency is imposed on pharmacy benefit managers, the group said [...]

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Consumer Advocates Already Prepping for Pharmacy Battle in 2018 Session

Consumer advocate groups are already engaged in an arms race of sorts, for what will likely devolve into a pitched battle in the 2018 legislative session against insurers and pharmacy benefit managers. Across the country, the inflated cost of prescription drugs has become a flashpoint in the ongoing national conversation about health care costs. Get ready for [...]

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Behind the War Between Health Insurers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Pharmacy benefit managers and health insurance companies, in theory, should be close partners. But Anthem's (ANTM)   protracted litigation with its PBM, Express Scripts  (ESRX) , and its decision in April not to renew their contract when the current one expires at the end of 2019 shows how fraught the relationship can be. The [...]

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